CBD (Cannibidiol)

TruestYou Hemp Extract CBD

TruestYou is a young innovative company developing and manufacturing the highest quality, cleanest and strongest Hemp Extract CBD (cannibidiol) products on the market. TruestYou products are made with full spectrum hemp extract obtained by extracting organic non-GMO industrial hemp plants with supercritical CO2. Products are THC free, organic and full spectrum. Third party testing ensures not only the full spectrum cannabinoid content, but also the absence of pesticides and other bio-contaminants. 

Dr. Nicholas Britt founded TruestYou. His passion to healing patients helped him develop several hemp CBD products to help a variety of patient’s symptoms. Dr. Britt used full spectrum phytocannabinoids from organic industrial hemp to treat most of his patients before marketing it available to the public. Due to the large success of hemp CBD in the office setting, a full line of hemp products was created to appeal to a wider audience. Today TruestYou offers a wide variety of products including tinctures, liposomals, muscle rubs, and vapes. 

Introducing the Professional line allowing physicians and professionals to carry up to 6000mg tinctures exclusively to their patients and clients.

For more information on our CBD Products, please visit www.truestyou.com