SmoothCool IPL


SmoothCool IPL (Intense Pulse Light) system, by Jeisys, offers a full range of treatment options for the practice. The device is filled with versatility.  High peak power with pulse widths as short as 1ms makes it possible to treat even the smallest vessels.

SmoothCool makes photorejuvenation predictable and effective with specific filters to target melanin, hemoglobin, hair, diffuse erythema, acne and much more.

ATC™ (advanced cooling technology) allows SmoothCool to deliver the highest peak power from a commercial system with unmatched speed, safety and comfort. SmoothCool is designed to save you more time and give you a higher return on investment and happier patients.

SmoothCool IPL treats the following:

· Pigment Vascular Lesions

· Acne 

· Telangiectasia 

· Diffuse Erythema 

· Rosacea 

· Hair Removal


· Up to 10 kW/cm2 irradiance,  up to 65 J/cm2  into a treatment area of 5 cm2  for fast and efficacious treatment for all indications.  

· SmoothCool ATC contact cooling technology lowers temperatures down to -10C allowing for the necessary peak energy to reach the bulge of the hair follicle for safety and comfort.

· A  speed of 1 pulse per second makes it possible to treat large areas like legs and backs in under 20 minutes for higher patient throughput.

· Micro-pulsing option delivers micro-second pulses with constant energy, and normal pulse mode delivers continual energy, all at higher-power, greater cooling capability, and faster operation than competing systems.

· 8 inter-changeable filters for all skin applications and a second handpiece for full time hair removal.

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