Fractionated RF Microneedling


INTRAcel, by Jeisys is one of the top microneedling devices out in the market. INTRAcel has BOTH BiPolar and MonoPolar frequencies. It is the only device on the market with MonoPolar frequencies. This is important because energy goes deeper into the dermis than BiPolar and also spreads more into the tissue causing more tissue denaturing. INTRAcel is the ONLY device on the market with impedance monitoring.  This allows you to overlap your passes which you cannot do with other devices.  Each pulse is monitored to make sure there is no burn. There is no downtime with INTRAcel. 

 The Intracel Microneedling will allow you to treat: 

- Stretch Marks

- Fine Lines

- Wrinkles

- Scars


-49 Non-Invasive needles

-Round Type

-Bi-Polar, periorbital wrinkles rejuvenation 


-49 Insulated needles


-Wrinkles/Pores/Acne/Fine Lines/Wrinkles/Scars


-16 Non-Insulated needles



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